• Name: Caprilac.
  • Presentation: Bag x 10kg.

Dairy Substitute for Goats.

Food created to meet the high demands of breastfeeding goats. Creates a higher and more complete development for the goat, shortening the time of breastfeeding.

Product Facts

  • Crude protein min. rate: 25%
  • Ethereal extract min. rate: 24%
  • Crude fiber max. rate: 3%
  • Moisture max. rate: 8%
  • Total minerals max. rate: 7%
  • Calcium min.-max. rate: 1-1,2%
  • Phosphorus min.-max. rate: 0,8-1,2%

Use Instructions

Mix 130g of the suplement every 0.900L of drinking water. The temperature of the water to dissolve should be close to 40ºC.

To avoid the formation of lumps, it is suggested to mix the total amount of powder with half the water and after obtaining a homogeneous mixture make up the total amount of water.

Provide through a bottle or artificial nurse. The supply temperature must be approximately 37 ° C and it must be stable throughout the days avoiding temperature fluctuations.

It should be supplied at least in two daily intakes in amounts that should be increased according to age, starting with 1.2 daily up to 1.8 liters per day.

Product Preservation
Store the product in a cool, dry and dark place (not higher than 25°C) away from sunlight. Once opened, handle the content with clean tools, close and store it in detailed conditions. All raw materials have a 12 months expiry, we follow the same time for the prepared formula.