• Name: Gatolac.
  • Presentation:
    • Doypack 350g with resealable zipper and measuring spoon.

Dairy Substitute for breastfeeding cats.

GatoLac is a DAIRY SUBSTITUTE that nourishes kitten from the first day of life.

It is necessary to have a ‘Nutritional Optimal’ product that substitutes the lack of feline breastmilk, specially between the moment the pups are born and the stage where they start ingesting regular servings; if a pup or a litter are orphan or their mother has no milk.

That is why GatoLac is a high digestibility DAIRY SUBSTITUTE that meets the energetic and nutritional needs of a cat.

Product Facts

  • Crude protein (min.): 30%
  • Ethereal extract (min.): 24%
  • Crude fiber (max.): 4%
  • Moisture (max.): 10%
  • Total minerals (max.): 6%
  • Calcium (min.-max.): 1,00-1,20%
  • Phosphorus (min.-max.):0,80-0,90%

Milk powder, protein concentrate WPC 40%, beer yeast, demineralized whey powder, sunflower oil, micronized soybean flour, glucose. Vitamins: A, D3, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, menadione, thiamine, riboflavin. Minerals: calcium, copper; iron, iodine, manganese, zinc, selenium. Dairy flavoring; Antifungal (sodium propionate, ammonium propionate and propionic acid); Antioxidant (BHT); Artificial colorant INS 124.

Use Instructions

    To prepare 250 ml of Dairy Substitute, dissolve 24g of the product (4 measuring spoons) in hot drinking water (50°C) and stir until the mixture is homogenic.

    It must be fed at the pup body temperature (36-38°C) at discretion. Prepare only the necessary amount. Leftovers must be discarded.

When is it supplied?

Artificial Breastfeeding
As a general rule, pups ingest between 25% to 30% of their weight daily, divided into 3-4 daily intakes until 3 months of life.

The best way for giving Dairy Substitute during the first weeks of life is through a feeding bottle with interchangeable rubber teats.

Quick intake should be avoided not to feed it throw the wrong canal as it could cause pneumonia in the next 12 to 24 hours with a risk of death

Use GatoLac for a progressive adaptation to regular food: 1 to 2 measures up to 6 months. This is important so that the kitten does not lose weight and growth in the process of adaptation of the digestive system.